Patient Testimony

I have lived with pain in my neck and back for over 30 years. I have gone to chiropractors in the past and had massage which would temporarily relieve the pain but it would always come back by the next day. Some of the pain would be relieved so that I could live a “normal” life but the pain was always there. Every few years the pain would reach the point where I couldn’t move my neck or my back would spasm so I couldn’t stand up. For the first time in 30 years I am completely pain free for more than a week. I can tell that my back and neck are stronger due to the physical therapy to build strength not just adjustments and massage to relieve the pain. I highly recommend Jacksonville Chiropractic because of their comprehensive plan which includes chiropractic, massage, physical therapy, medicine and acupuncture to treat all aspects of your pain.

-Sherry Duerr

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